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All things mortgage related.

 Residential and Commercial Property - We can help!

It's what we do.

The Lending Team

Benefit of working with a mortgage adviser

As with many things in life, there are times when you handle something yourself and other times you call an expert whose sole purpose is to provide you a solution.

Mortgage advisers provide the necessary advice and guidance to achieve your goals. It's only through study combined with many years of experience that we can provide this service.
The best part for you as a customer is in most cases, our service is "paid for" by the Bank when your loan settles!

How can we help?

Family Moments

The journey to your first home can be a rollercoaster, let's keep things simple.

Man Measuring Window

There's a misconception that you can't get a mortgage when self employed- this is wrong. Our team specialise in this area.  

Mother and Son

As South Africans who moved to NZ we've lived through the emotions of settling into your new home. Our role is to support you during the process.

Work Desk

Fixed rate is up for renewal? Current structure not working anymore? Want to refinance?

Bright Workspace

We explore a range of options to determine which suits you and your business. 

Modern Housing

Purchasing an investment property to expand your portfolio?  

Let's keep the process simple.

Our team have experience being "the customer" and appreciate getting finance can be stressful when you're on your own.

The Lending Team strives to keep the process as simple as possible, helping Kiwi's and businesses navigate the roadmap of lending with confidence and support. 
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