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What makes a sucessful business loan?

We hear too often of business owners getting into financial distress due to their business loans that are meant to help.
Our team are experts in business lending and give you all the information needed to make a decision that is best for your business.


We encourage business owners to be realistic when agreeing to repayment amounts.  You don't want to get into a situation where you're struggling to make each repayment on time as this can negatively impact your account conduct.


Security will play a major role in deciding the appropriate business lending. Whether specific asset finance, unsecured short term loan or secured 5 year term loan.

Cash Flow Management 

Good cash flow management is going to help ensure you make your repayments on time. This demonstrates good account conduct and reduces the need unnecessary extra lending. 

When is a business loan appropriate?

There are various reasons a business may request a business loan. Start up capital, business looking to expand operations through new premises, seasonal stock purchase for short term repayment and more. 

How much finance can I request?

The amount your business can borrow depends on multiple factors. Loan size and terms would be assessed on the presentation of the proposal and supporting documentation. To ensure the best possible chance of a successful application, updated and quality supporting information is critical. We can work alongside your accountants to obtain the necessary information using our previous accounting & auditing experience. 

Non-Bank Finance Lenders

Often mainstream banks do not offer the finance a business requires. There are alternative lenders that are solely business lending focused and have the specialist expertise to assess such applications.

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