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Property investment is by no means to be taken lightly. This is a long term commitment with elements of risk involved. Investment in property can range from the traditional residential property to commercial property, syndicated property, property for future development and more.

Understanding your "why" is the starting point, your goals both short and long term in your financial planning. In order to understand this, we strongly recommend speaking to a qualified professional like ourselves in this regard. There are tax implications, estate planning strategies, liability risk for self-employed applicants other factors to consider. The finance is the last piece of the puzzle.

Let's start the conversation early, create a clear strategy & goal to establish the right facilities for your situation.

Scandinavian Style Kitchen

What is the right structure for an investment property?

Although it might seem simple, the answer is more complex and very specific to each individual case. Most banks allow the interest only loans on investment properties, reducing cash outflow to minimise the negative gearing and potentially maximise returns. 

Speaking to a qualified professional like a Chartered Accountant, will assist with understanding the various options available and related risks & rewards. Other considerations may include a conversation with your solicitor relating to estate planning and family protection of assets.

Speak to the right professionals early.

Types of investment properties 

Many people have an image in their mind of what an 'investment property' looks like. In reality there is not a one size fits all and depending on your situation and financial goals, there are a range of investment types. Whether you're looking to invest in an apartment, fixer upper or residential property, we can help guide your through the process including disclosing the potential benefits and risk associated with your potential investment.

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