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Do you feel disadvantaged as a self employed / business owner when applying for a home loan?
Or feel that the person you are speaking to just does not understand "general business", let alone your business!

We have extensive experience in this field - 
Twenty plus years in the accounting and finance industry gives us a good understanding to merge accounting & banking requirements to achieve your goal.

We will work alongside you and your accountant / adviser to achieve results.
Going to office


Understanding your financial position quickly and effectively is where our strength shines through. Weaknesses in the presentation of the financial position directly reduces your lending ability. All too often the latest Annual Financial Statements are not available; management accounts not up to date and reports that are available, lacking proper financial accuracy, completeness and disclosure.

For self employed - business owners, this is the starting point. Get this part right and the funding application will stand out for the right reason. The Lender looking at the application has an immediate sense of comfort that the business is under strong management.

Our strategy and approach starts here.
We encourage customers to reach out early to assess the current position before going ahead with changes to the financial accounts. We will work with your accountant to the end result. We will absolutely refer you to a qualified Chartered Accountant where we deem necessary for the success not only of the application but, the business itself.

A good review of the business may result in an improved business rather than just a quick funding solution.
Quick lending is not always the solution.


Reduce your amount of debtor days

Often businesses lack cash flow due to poor management of their debtor days, which can lead to excessive lending. 

Reducing your debtor days will help regulate your cash flow, and reduce the need for lending. 

Work with a Chartered Accountant

Having a professional Chartered Accountant makes managing your businesses finances a breeze. 

They are a trusted source of financial advice and ensure your financial records are kept up to date and to a internationally recognised standard.

Specialise. Specialise. 

Understand what sets your business apart from your competition and specialise in this area.

Expertise will yield dividends rather than chasing every customer at any cost. This inherently builds customer confidence in your services/products.

Our team works closely with New Zealand's best lenders to secure a mortgage loan that suits you!

We take the time to understand your personal & businesses situation to clearly present your application to one of NZ's top lenders, to curate a mortgage loan that suits you and your business.

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