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There's a misconception that mortgage advisers only assist when you're looking for new lending to purchase a home, this is far from reality.

Mortgage advisers are here to help with all mortgage maintenance related options including when your rates are coming up for renewal, mortgage top ups, refinances & restructures and during times of hardship. 

Our advisers are here to support you throughout your home ownership journey. Furthermore we encourage clients to reach out whenever they have a question regarding their mortgage or provider. 

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What can a mortgage adviser assist with?

When your fixed rate is coming up for renewal it's worth discussing your options with an adviser. For instance, does your current bank have the best deal? Do we need to adjust your structure?

Doing renovations? Going on a holiday? Need a deposit to purchase another property? A top up on your existing mortgage may be an option to raise funds at an interest rate lower than a personal loan.

As circumstances change your mortgage structure might need some adjusting. There are plenty options, RCF, offset accounts, floating and fixed loans. Your adviser will explore which is most benefical.

When times are tough it can be very overwhelming. An adviser is the place to start, they'll explore your options and if necessary will be an intermediary person for discussions with the Bank's hardship team. 


Bank's change their policies consistently and although your current provider suited your needs previously, it does not mean they're your best option now as circumstances change.

In these cases refinancing can often be in your best interest. 

Refinancing does not necessarily require you to move all your accounts to the new Bank.

A clear strategy and understanding of your needs may only require a move of one facility.

Understanding the reason for the change, communicating a balanced conversation around the change all part of what we do. 

Times to Refinance

There are a range of situations in which a mortgage refinance is often a suitable option:
Some of these include:

Fixed interest rate ending

Restructure of existing lending

Deferred top-up from current lender

In addition to new lending

Lack of service from current lender

Marital separation

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