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As South Africans who immigrated to Aotearoa +16 years ago, we've lived through the emotions of settling down into your new home.

Your home loan is one part of the solution, there may also be forex, visa and insurance complex issues to navigate. 


Let us work alongside you and your external professionals to achieve a positive result.

Mother and Son

How we can help!

Our team have a passion for assisting new resident visa holders. This is a core service of The Lending Team and one which we are proud of to offer new residents to this great country.

It is quite common for new residents to feel that they are overlooked when approaching lenders for finance.

We adopt an empathetic approach to new applicants and appreciate that there are a number of additional factors to consider. Terminology around lending in NZ will be foreign; networking with professionals in the immigration or legal sectors may further be required.

We're here to help.


Your deposit 

Your deposit will need to be in a New Zealand financial institution well before settlement.
It can remain in a foreign account on application however, it's important to take into consideration delays in international processing, forex changes etc. 

Employment confirmation

Confirmation of employment and the correct visa to enable the right to work in New Zealand will be required. Your immigration consultant or solicitor can assist to ensure you have the correct documentation to meet lending criteria. 

Practice good account conduct

This has become one of the main factors when applying for a home loan. Establish good account conduct from the start. This shows the Lender your financial responsibility.
No arrears, regular savings, bills paid on time etc. Be clear and precise with your account strategy.
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